Explorers and Young Leaders

Explorer Scouts continue the challenge and fun of Scouting for young people aged 14 to 18. They don’t have to have been in the Scout Movement beforehand and many members are brand new to Scouting. Young Leaders are 14-18 year olds who prefer to assist with the delivery of Scouting at younger sections (Beavers, Cubs or Scouts). Of course a 14-18 year old can be a full member of an Explorer Unit and be a Young Leader too, though educational demands at this critical stage might prevent this.

The Explorer programme is adventurous, fun and rewarding. It is tailored to suit the members of the specific unit, often by the Explorers themselves who propose activities and take to the next level the activities that they enjoyed most when they were in a Scout Troop. The opportunities are limitless. A key difference between Scouts and Explorers is that there is no patrol system in Explorers and a more relaxed format prevails.

Young Leaders can assist at the Group that they attended or at another Group. They generally support one section and become a full member of that team, engaging with adults and helping to develop the youngsters there. The skills and experience learned can be included on your CV and will help throughout later life. There is also a development package for Young Leaders to attend to prepare them for their role.

When and where do Explorers and Young Leaders meet?

There are three Explorer Units and one Young Leader Unit in Odiham District.

Fleet Explorers
Wednesday 8-10pm
1st Crookham Scout Hall, Basingbourne Woods, Basingbourne Road
Contact Steve Caine

Friday 8.30-10.15pm
Ancells Farm Community Centre, Ancells Farm
Contact Kate Sutton

Hawks (Air Explorer Unit)
Friday 8-10pm
Crondall Scout Centre, Pankridge Street, Crondall
Contact Tony Perrett

Odiham District Young Leader Unit
Young Leaders attend meetings of the section they have selected to support
Crondall Scout Centre, Pankridge Street, Crondall
Contact Jack Goodrum

Explorers are entitled to attend activities from all units, and can also take up the Young Leader challenge if they wish to take on leadership responsibilities. There may be one or two joint activities each term, and the ESUs usually join forces on weekends away.

When should I move from Scouts?

You can become an Explorer from the age of 13½; however, you may stay in Scouts until the end of the term you are 14 with the agreement of the District Commissioner and ADC Scouts. We understand that it is often good to move with friends, so please contact your Scout Troop leader or one of the Explorer contacts to discuss your options.

What awards can I earn in Explorers?

The Explorer awards are aligned with the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, allowing you to get two awards for the same effort. The ESUs focus on supporting Explorers through the Expedition and Service sections of the awards, and can also provide support in completing the remainder. There are also staged proficiency badges that can be undertaken, similar to Scouts.

Where do Explorers go camping?

There are endless opportunities to get away and be adventurous as an Explorer. Over the past few years Explorers have been to the Brecon Beacons, Dartmoor, Skye, Sweden and Canada, along with a variety of winter and summer camps throughout the UK.

How do I become a Young Leader?

Young Leaders are Explorers who choose to provide leadership support at a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack or Scout Troop (though not at their former Scout Troop before a break of six months has elapsed).

How do I find out more and make a choice?

If you would like to learn more about Explorers or want to request the programme for the term, please email the ESU contact above or make contact with the District Explorer Scout Commissioner, Jack Goodrum.