Summer Camp 2015

Our last Group camp was in 2011, when the Group was only two Beaver Colonies, two Cub Packs and one and a half Scout Troops.

A group scout camp is a major undertaking, especially when the Group has grown to three Beaver Colonies, three Cub Packs and two Scout Troops. The number of young people that attended camp was 139. That is an 86% attendance rate!

A massive 800 hours (almost) were spent by a small number of people, over six months, with around 1850 emails made this significant event in our history possible.

The camp started on Friday morning, when a number of leaders and parent helpers set up the kitchen and admin / first aid tents as well as one large “stores” tent, an event shelter and 30 tents for the children.

We had five Cub activity groups and two large Scout activity groups who arrived on Friday evening. After settling in to their tents, they were given a site orientation and played wide games until it was time for the camp fire.

The Cub activity groups enjoyed Air Rifle shooting, Caving, Fire Lighting and cooking bread in the embers (part of the Backwoods Cooking badge), Crate Stacking as well as two activities that went towards the Hampshire County Outdoor Discovery Badge. Four out of six of these activities were led by 100th EHSG leaders.

The Scout activity groups enjoyed Army Activities (Basha building, Cam and concealment, Hand signals, Teamwork/command tasks, Discussion with soldiers), Golf at Southwood Golf Course, Cycling, Abseiling, Wood Carving and Water Filtration.

We had five Beaver activity groups who arrived on Saturday morning and enjoyed a number of activities (Low Ropes, Team Tasks, Fire Lighting and cooking marshmallows, Balloon Racing, Nature Treasure Hunt) all led by 100th EHSG leaders.

We are sincerely grateful to all who volunteered to help at the camp and carried out their duties with a smile. This camp would definitely NOT have been possible without YOU!

For those that like statistics, here is how the support from the group breaks down:
26 people setting up camp on Friday
13 people taking down the camp on Sunday

During the 12 activity time slots over the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
12 people in the kitchen
19 people leading and supporting activities
55 people supporting the 12 activity groups

Friday night had 15 people over night and Saturday had 29 people staying over.

A few quotes from the children during the camp:

“I like potatoes, but I don’t like THOSE potatoes!”

“I can’t eat that chicken”
Leader: “Why not?”
“I only eat chicken wings”

“I was fast asleep and then BOOM, a load of noisy Beavers happened. I did try to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t …” (at 5 a.m.)

“Breakfast is late”
Leader: “It isn’t time for breakfast yet”
“When I get up, I have breakfast, so breakfast is late!” (at 4.30 a.m.)

Please enjoy a selection of pictures from the weekend below and feel free to download them. If you would like larger digital versions of them (for larger prints), please use this form to give to your section leader.

The 100th EHSG Group Camp 2015 Organising Team